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Bringing you ultra distortion free bass and crisp treble. Experience the superior sound quality of High Definition crystal clear Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology through your Bassbuds.

Hear your music without any external interference. Listen to your favourite songs and experience them like you have never done before! Enhanced entertainment, advanced Crystaltronics sound technology is the NEW sound of 2012. With the new built-in high spec Mic/MP3 Controller, you can get an unforgettable listening experience.

With the added convenience of being able to have easy and simple control over of your music and hands-free calling. You'll enjoy quick-access to answering/ending your calls, play/pause your MP3 player, skip forward and back through your music and even interact with voice control commands. All without ever needing to access your phone or dig through your pockets for your MP3 player.


  • Deep, rich bass tones
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Control music playback
  • Answer and end calls
  • Luxury gift box
  • FREE accessories bundle

What's in the Box

  • BassBuds in-ear headphones with handsfree mic and MP3 controller
  • Soft storage and travel bag
  • 6 pairs of silicone tips
  • 3 pairs of memory foam tips

Compatibility Information

  • The mic is supported by all smartphones.
  • The MP3 controller is supported by all smartphones (some Android smart phones may not support all functions).

High performance sound - whatever you’re listening to

Whether pop music, classic, rock or anything else, Crystaltronics sound technology ensures the best possible sound performance whatever it is you’re listening to.

Thanks to a reinforced, ultra-lightweight driver, Crystaltronics sound technology can deliver accurate, punchy and powerful bass at any volume.

Thanks to the ultra-lightweight construction, trebles are always accurate, rich and detailed for a hugely impressive sound performance.

Gold plated jack plug for a pure connection

Without a solid and pure physical connection between your music and headphones, your music will never play at it’s fullest potential.

That’s why BassBuds only insist and only ever include gold plated jack connectors for the purest possible connection to your music.

Hear your music just as the artist intended.

Sound isolating design

BassBuds have been engineered and designed to deliver the best possible sound quality wherever you may be.

That’s why BassBuds feature sound isolating tips to ensure that if you choose to - you can be immersed in your music regardless of background noise or even wind noise.

Superior build quality, beautifully designed

Using only quality materials that are both beautiful to look at and are premium to the touch ensures a level of quality and design rarely found in in-ear headphones.

That’s why the BassBuds’ driver housing is made entirely from a single piece of precision cut aluminium for optimal rigidity and to ensure an opulent finish.

It’s why BassBuds inset genuine, highly-desirable SWAROVSKI Elements crystals for the ultimate finishing touch and a layer of quality previously unknown to in-ear headphones.

Built in MP3 player and call controls

With the built-in MP3 player and call controls, you can control your music, answer and drop calls at the touch of a button built directly in to the headphones.

Fully compatible with all smartphones; with BassBuds, you’ll never need to touch your phone when taking calls or listening to your favourite music. No more cold hands whilst taking calls.

Fully compatible with Siri & Google Now

Make calls, send a text message, navigate to a location, make a memo, book an appointment and much more all through your BassBuds.

BassBuds are fully compatible with both Siri and Google Now personal assistants, meaning you can send commands to your device using the built in Mic at the touch of a button and all without touching or even holding your phone.

Double wrapped anti-tangle cable

BassBuds go further than just anti-tangle, our headphone cable is double-wrapped too, ensuring the cable is more robust and more resilient against daily wear and tear abrasions and more.

  • Dizzee Rascal

    Musical Artist

    "I'm Rockin my BassBuds, nice & cosy on the ears, good sound, right amount of bass. It has a sexy little box too! It's lovely. Enjoy yourself!!"

  • Dan Kelly

    Radio DJ & Presenter

    "I’ve worn these every day for a month. They sound superb, they really do, they’re really deep, they’re really bassy, they’re very clear, they don’t fall out of the ear, they’re not uncomfortable [and] they’re called bassbuds. Go get yourself some!"

  • Wretch 32

    Musical Artist

    "BassBuds is what I'm rocking to when I'm sitting in the plane writing my tunes. It says 'Classics' on the box and we’re trying to write classics, so we are using classic headphones, make sure you get a pair! Ahhh Yeahh!!"

  • Chipmunk

    Musical Artist

    "BassBuds are Top Earphones!"